Woman Finds An Abandoned Dog Leads Her To Rescue Three Lives !

Joanne spotted the puppy on the side of the road and decided to save her, but she had no idea that she would eventually save three lives and take them all home!

This story is about Honey, the little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross, who was rescued by Joanne Logan, a member of DogHeirs, from a motorway in England.

Joanne took Honey home and tried to find her owner if she had one at all, but to no avail.

So she decided to adopt her along with her two other dogs.

One day after Honey was taken, she started coughing during the hacking way. So they took her to the vet for examinations several times, but she got a pure health condition.

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Honey was always taken to the vets for checkups, but at one point the vet discovered she was pregnant with 2 cubs. Honey gave birth to 2 cubs in a very natural way, but her health started taking place as she started feeding them.

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The vet told Joanne that her health would not return, as long as she was still feeding her puppies.  So, Joanne was forced to require Honey to measure together with her mama a brief distance away.  Her little chorkie, Missie, stepped in to require care of the puppies.

The puppies, who were given the names Poppy and Alfie, now have a great life with Spaniel, Kyle and Missie. The good thing is that they still see their mom weekly!

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How wonderful!

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