What Happened To This Lonely, Old Dog Brought Me To Tears. There Are No Words

This is a story of an old lonely dog who didn’t know what it was like to be loved and cared for, not even once in his life had he experienced love.

This poor dog called Ol Boy, was born on the street and didn’t know what a forever loving home was. He survived by drinking air condition water and left over food which was either thrown away or given to him by people passing by.

For three days this poor dog was howling for attention, not for love, but because he was hurt and unable to move…

When help arrived, it was perhaps too late as the pup knew where he was headed and that he didn’t have much time. His final wish?

To feel loved…He had ticks and fleas all over his body, but who would look after such an old dog? This world still has people who have more humanity than you can imagine…

Take a look at this video here (PS. Keep your tissues ready…)

Although Ol Boy died, but his final wish was granted…he died in the arms of people who loved him…Oh and I’m still crying…please share this post with your friends and lets help stray animals…they deserve love and care.

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