Video Of Corgi Constantly Interrupting Big Lazy Dog Cracks The Internet Up

The video of a dog constantly jumping over another dog is going viral

The now-viral video was posted by a Twitter handle that shares funny and upbeat videos of animals frequently.

Cute and funny animal videos serve as a great escape to many to distract themselves from the workload and stress in their lives. Thankfully, the internet is full of such mood-uplifting content. A recent video that shows a little dog interrupting and jumping over another fur buddy has left netizens in splits. Dogs are amazing pets and especially when you have two, you can never get bored as their antics will always amuse you.

The now-viral video was posted by a Twitter handle that shares funny and upbeat videos of animals frequently. In the clip, a little Corgi can be seen hurriedly running in and out through the door as a relatively large black dog sits on the floor. The Corgi jumps over the quietly lying dog several times during his run.

“That’s 11 counts of hit and run,” reads the hilarious caption. The little dog’s hilarious moves got the social media users to bust a gut.

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“Zoomies are so entertaining,” said a user referring to the Corgi’s random activity. “All it would take was for the big dog to lift his head once. Just once,” another person commented about the probable fate of the jumping dog had the big black dog lifted his head once.

“So funny,” a Twitter user remarked. “Omg! Bahaha,” another chuckled.

The post has amassed over 80,000 views and has been liked over 3,000 times so far, since it was shared on Thursday, September 1.

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Although the video appeared super amusing to many, a zoomie or Frantic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs) might be a stressful event for a dog. The American Kennel Club defines these as occasional explosions of energy that dogs have. One of its frequent causes is an excess build-up of energy in the dog. These can be triggered by reasons as simple as taking a bath or could arise due to the stress of visiting the vet, for instance.

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