This Family Was Reunited With Their Missing Dog Thanks To The Baby’s Cries

Luna was a nine-month-old Australian shepherd puppy. She jumped out of the yard one day and vanished without a trace. Bowen, the family’s six-month-old child, was instrumental in saving Luna.

On Saturday afternoon, the dog’s absence was noticed. We spent the entire weekend looking for answers.

Sandra Colston was approached by the family. She is an expert in the field of lost pets. She made a handy search map with the key locations to assist them. They set up a trap with their clothes in the hopes that Luna would come out for a familiar scent. Their ruses, however, were ineffective.

Luna’s owners were even concerned that she had left her home territory. As a result, they must be examined on the other side of the state. In addition, the thoroughbred and the very young dog can make excellent prey for dog thieves.

Fortunately, the camera caught a glimpse of Luna nearby.

Luna’s owner’s son-in-law and niece arrived shortly after. They addressed the shepherd by name, but she fled. Luna was deafeningly silent when she called her name. Her canine companions from a nearby yard also failed to persuade her to come out of hiding.

The weekend had come to an end, and Monday had arrived. The family set out on their journey once more. Sister Myres sat in the truck with her ten-year-old daughter and the family’s youngest member, six-month-old Bowen. The rest of the group has walked around the area looking for clues.

When they were about to leave, the baby began to fuss and, then the aunt lifted him higher. Then Bowen screamed.

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At that moment the miracle happened. Luna stepped cautiously out of her hiding place. She wanted to check who is offending her little friend. She was caught, taken on a leash, and then she was taken home.

The family was reunited. Luna became the playful puppy again.

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