This Adorable Fluffy Poodle Is Going Viral For Its Human-like Expressions!

Internet users all around the world are making memes of this very human-like face fluffy poodle. Little Kokoro has many pictures of human-life expressions and people are melting! Some are saying that he is “similar” to Bob Ross.

Kokoro became quickly famous on social media with his followers reaching 120k and over 3k posts. Much love is shown for our little model from people commenting under his pictures. He became even more famous after a Twitter user Hisoka from Japan shared his lovable pictures. The adorable Kokoro is as well from Japan.

Charming Kokoro is impressing everyone with his look and people are taking advantage of his lovely appearance to produce variety of pictures and meme’s, for example comparing his fluffy fur to Bob’s Ross afro hair.

Toy Poodle Kokoro’s miniature size is making him even more adorable. In fact Toy Poodles have even been a popular pet for celebrities and royalty!

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