They Dumped Their Paralyzed Dog, But His Willing To Walk Again Was Much Stronger !

He was determined to start walking again, and he did!

This story is about a dog named Zeus, who was handed over by his owners at an animal shelter in Oklahoma because they didn’t need a “dog with disabilities”.

Degenerative nerve disease led to him being effectively paralyzed. He was saved by good people from St. Francis CARE in Illinois, who also began providing him with hydrotherapy.

Zeus was eventually ready to enter the wheelchair after he gradually recovered. He was groomed by Lynda Kuether, who said there are many dogs like Zeus but they don’t have their chances.

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However, Zeus can climb stairs, run and walk, but he still needs therapy.

The great thing was that Lynda adopted him, seeing that he was perfect for her and her family.

What a happy ending!

Watch the video below for more information!

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