Stray Dog Rescued from Porch of Empty House Gets A Bath For The First Time

Blossom the dog was found on the porch of an empty house. She was so scared that she would run away when anyone tried to approach.

Thankfully, Woof Pet Rescue managed to build trust with Blossom and brought her back to their shelter in Woodward, Oklahoma.

The stray dog had mange and and needed lots of tender loving care, which her rescuers gave her in spades, starting with a warm bath.

The video below is of Blossom’s first bath ever. She looks so sad and confused, but she sits quietly as she’s gently scrubbed clean.

Over the next months, Blossom would make an amazing transformation.

She went from a reserved, scared dog and turned into a loving, playful dog that learned how to smile.

Watch more of her amazing recovery in the video below.

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