Shelter Dog With Rare Skull Tumor to Get Second Chance Thanks to 3D Printed Implant

A dog suffering from a rare skull tumor is having people from around the world mobilizing to save her life. The 2-year-old dog was surrendered by her owners to a kill shelter in Texas.

Friends of Emma was contacted to see if they would help provide the dog end of life care, because Bliss was diagnosed with a rare skull tumor (multilobular osteochondrosarcoma).

However, they learned through medical tests that Bliss was a healthy young dog in every other way and was not being affected neurologically by the condition.

Upon learning this, Friends of Emma switched from “hospice care” to “how can we treat her tumor?”

Elizabeth Hart, the rescuer’s founder, reached out to an expert veterinary cancer surgeon in Ontario, Canada to see how Bliss could be saved.

After a series of consultations, they determined Bliss could have the tumor removed and part of her skull and facial bones replaced by a 3D printed porous polyethylene implant manufactured in Australia.

The surgeon and implant manufacturing company are currently working together to create the perfect custom implant for Bliss. Once everything is ready, Friends of Emma will make a long road trip from Texas to Canada so that Bliss can have her life-saving surgery.

Friends of Emma Medical Rescue says that they expect the surgery to occur in mid-June. It’s truly a case of the world coming together to help rescue this pup!

Further details of Bliss’ upcoming surgery and fundraising details can be found on Hart’s GoFundMe. Here’s hoping for the best for Bliss’ upcoming surgery!

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