Seven Newborn Puppies Huddle In Cardboard Box Thrown By Trash Bin

A cardboard box lay next to a trash bin by the side of a road. Not an unusual sight. But it was what was they found inside the box that alarmed animal rescuers in Serbia.

Inside, seven puppies, only about two weeks old – far too young to have been taken from their mother.

“How people can be so cruel to separate these little ones from their mother and then abandon them?” It’s something the rescuers with Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac constantly wonder.

Unfortunately, puppies are abandoned in Serbia in large numbers and there are tens of thousands of strays in the country. These puppies would likely not have survived if they were taken to a city shelter.

Fortunately for these puppies, they were found in time and now have a warm place to sleep and a foster carer making sure they are bottle fed every two hours.

When they are two months old, they will be ready for adoption.

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