Puppy with Severe Head Injury And Dying in Gutter Rescued

A puppy’s heartbreaking cries were finally heard after he collapsed in a gutter.

“We received an urgent call on our helpline reporting a puppy who had been heard crying from within a closed sewage gutter,” wrote Animal Aid Unlimited, India.

“Our rescuers had to lift a large slab of cement covering the gutter, and laying in the water, so weak his nose kept falling into the water, was a puppy who seemed to be taking his last breaths.”

“We scooped him out but discovered he had serious neurological problems,” his rescuers write.

Although, little Leo was safe, he couldn’t stand up properly and kept circling and falling over. They thought he might never recover. But after several days of being disoriented, this determined pup started learning how to walk again.

Watch his amazing recover in the video below.

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