Puppies Rescued From A Cave With Maggots, No Food Or Water, And A Motherless Puppy

Someone told us about a small pup with a wound around his tummy, so we went there and checked; he was outside the delve at the time, but we didn’t have anything in our hands to catch him.

So we returned home and gathered all of the essential supplies, such as cloth, milk, and a bag.

We returned by the time he entered the dig and did not come out. We poured milk into a coliseum and placed it outside the cave, where we waited for many hours. He emerged from the hole after many hours, by the time we sealed it with rustic blocks.

And caught the puppy, covered the crack with a handkerchief, and took him to a L.A veterinarian clinic.

Finally he was successfully treated. The dog is currently waiting to find a new home, we hope that happens soon.

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