Puppies Found Cover With Blood And Injured Mother Who Couldn’t Urinate For Long Time !

Unfortunately, the dog mom couldn’t survive, but at least she saw her puppies in safe hands…

The mother and her 4 cubs were found by the lady on Christmas 2019.

The lady tried to catch the dog mom and her babies who were all covered in blood but failed because mom was completely scared!

The mother, who had bite wounds or a vaginal tumor, was given food for herself and her babies to persuade her to lure her, but she was still afraid of people.

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The lady called rescuers, catchers and vets for help, but it was a difficult mission.

They were finally ready to catch them after a full 3 hours!

Luckily, the lady was ready to hug the flea-covered babies and put them in her car.

Unfortunately,  the mama dog died, which meant the lady should babysit without their mom.

The lady was willing to keep the dogs in the best way to grow up and be strong.

In the video below you will see that they are having a great time with their guardian spirit.

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