Man Lovingly Prepares Thanksgiving Feast for His Dogs

Thanksgiving is a time to count one’s blessings – to appreciate the love and support given by family and friends and the love you give in return.

This pet parent decided to show how grateful he is for his canine family members and prepared them a special feast.

He invites his dogs to sit at the table. Buddy (on the left) and Max (on the right) sit patiently and have their before-meal prayer.

They attentively watch dad prepare a plate of delectable food – potatoes, steamed veggies and a bit of turkey.

Max gets a little bit eager just before getting his plate, but soon the two are enjoying a delicious meal with their dad. Only after they’re done does dad get to sit down to enjoy his plate, although he can’t resist giving them one more carrot.

The video ends with a sweet poem by John O’Hurley, with a wonderful parting line: “Always watch for our tail, it’s attached to our heart.”

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