Mama Dog Races The Clock To Saving Drowning Puppies Stuck In Rising Waters

If you’ve ever heard the term ‘animal instincts,’ it perfectly describes one mama dog and her puppies.

The poor puppies were stuck in flooding waters, but the frantic dog mom knew what she had to do.

The puppies were lodged in a hole that rapidly filled with water. As the dog dug and dug at the hole, the water kept filling up. The dog’s owner stood by the side and kept emptying the water as fast as he could.

We cannot imagine the level of focus this dog had in order to get her pups out of danger. Once the hole was big enough, she jumped forward and right down into it. You can barely see her tail sticking out when suddenly, she makes contact.

She comes out with her pups, who were unresponsive at first. You can see chest compressions being performed. The pup gasps for air and is okay. All the puppies made it out and are safe and sound!

Watch the video for yourself and witness this miraculous rescue by a devoted dog mama!

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