International Dog Day: 5 Technology Gadgets For Your Furry Friends

International Dog Day today and we bring a list of tech gadgets for your furry friends

Its International Dog Day today and we bring a list of tech gadgets for your furry friends.

International Dog Day is observed on August 26 every year, founded by Colleen Paige, a pet and family lifestyle expert, animal rescue advocate, conservationist, dog trainer, and author. This special day was first celebrated in the year 2004. The date was August 26 because it was the date that Page’s family adopted their first dog, ‘Shelty’, at the age of 10.
Since we are all things tech, today we bring a list of tech gadgets for your furry friends.

1. Automatic Water dispenser


Dogs love to splash water all around and cleaning up after is a time-consuming process. Moreover, the water bowls regularly get dirty, your dog relies on you for cleaning up and hygiene. An electronic pet water fountain is the key to maintaining a clean water supply for your pet. While many products are available at different price ranges, it’s advisable to purchase the one with an in-built filter that can clean and recycle the water. Additionally, the fountain is at raised height from the floor, and this helps the dog a lot as there are much fewer chances of choking, and easy for them to gulp in water.

2. Automatic Pet Feeder


An automated pet feeder is a great piece of kit that you and your dog will come to love. In case you have to leave your pet at home alone while going to work, this gadget is something you would need. The automatic pet feeder is a programmable device that can serve pet food multiple times a day, and portion sizes can be controlled as well. Higher-end models even have a wi-fi camera support to record or watch your pets live in addition to voice recorder where you can record your voice calling out the pets for feeding time. For single parents of a dog, this is a must-have.

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3. Automatic ball launcher


We all know how much dogs like to play fetch, while you might not have time all day, the Automatic ball launcher will keep your pet busy. The device is simple it can launch tennis balls up to a distance and keep your pet engaged. Certain models have a one-in, one-out type of design while others can store a number of balls and keep launching them at different time intervals or via remote. Dogs are quick learners so you can teach your pet to fetch the ball back and place it in the launcher for a second throw. This fun device should keep Mr. Good Boy busy and happy.

4. Automatic 360 self-rotating ball

Automatic 360 self-rotating ball

This is a fun toy, the plastic ball has a motor inside with led lighting, and the motor keeps the ball rotating endlessly. The ball can avoid obstacles as well and provides hours of entertainment for the pets and the family as well. The hard shell of the ball can withstand bites and rough treatment as well. The device can be opened and charged using a micro-USB cable.

5. Wifi Camera


While this is not a toy specifically for pets, but its usually good to have an eye on your pet in case you have to leave them home alone. Of course for short periods only, like work or evening out! A Wifi-based IP-camera will not only give you live visuals of your pet, the 2-way audio support means you can talk to them and hear them as well. In case you have house help, you can monitor them as well if they are treating your fur babies properly.

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