How to teach a dog to relieve itself on the street?

The secret in how to teach the dog to relieve itself on the street is in patience! That’s because animals learn through repetition and also through reward. However, of course, there are some tips to show your pet that the time of need is during the walk.

So stay with us and learn how to get your dog used to urinating on the street and discover habits that will help your friend in this moment of learning.

Who never came home and came across a puddle of pee in the living room, on the rug or even on the couch? This is a very common situation for dog owners. And of course it’s not pleasant to have to clean up this mess, and the environment can smell not very good. But calm down! With a lot of attention and affection, you can teach the dog to relieve itself on the street.

5 tips on how to teach your dog to relieve themselves on the street

A habit is only established through a routine. That’s why it’s essential that you make training a daily task , so your friend will quickly understand where to pee and poop. See the tips to make learning smooth for your pet!

Understand the dog’s needs

In general, the dog feels the urge to relieve himself after eating and drinking water . So, the first tip is that, right after the pet has fed, you take it outside for a walk and wait until it feels comfortable to pee and poop. It may take some time, so be patient with your partner.

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Party and celebrate as a reward

First of all, don’t congratulate the dog while he pees or poop, because it will generate some anxiety in him . So wait for him to finish to give him a good cuddle and celebrate that he did something right. Surely he will make an association between the moment and the reward. After that, don’t forget to collect the feces with a pooper .

Plan ahead for different tours

How to teach a dog to relieve itself outside the house

Your pet should feel safe about waiting for the moment to go outside to relieve itself. So it’s no use wanting to learn how to teach the dog to relieve itself on the street if you won’t go out with him several times . In general, you should plan to spend with your pet at least 5 times a day.

Avoid cleaning the pee and poop in front of the animal

Of course, even during training on how to teach the dog to pee on the street, an oversight can happen. That is, the pet feels like doing its business and ends up doing it at home. So, even prioritizing the outdoor moment, you must have a corner for it . That is, leave a toilet mat available for eventual cases. However, do not clean the area near it, much less the pee and poop made in the wrong place .

Bet on similar paths during the tour

Eventually, over time, you will find that your pet has a favorite place to pee and poop outside . Therefore, during the tour, always pass by these specific points. He will probably get used to meeting his needs there.

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Warning: beware of this habit

As interesting as it is to learn how to teach a dog to relieve itself on the street, the habit is a little dangerous . That’s because you don’t want to negatively impact your friend’s well-being and health, right? The problem with getting him used to peeing and pooping only on the street involves a few points .

The first one is that the more water your dog drinks, the better for the animal’s organism . Therefore, it is normal for him to feel the urge to urinate more. If you won’t be able to go outside constantly with your pet, he can start to hold the pee and this habit can cause urinary problems, for example.

The second is in relation to rainy days and travel . If the dog gets used to just going outside to relieve himself, the requirement gets complicated on days with bad weather, and especially when staying in a small hotel or pet sitter during your absence.

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