Heartwarming Video Features Soldiers Reuniting With Their Pups

Is there any better feeling after a long, hard day than coming home to a warm welcome from your furry family members? No matter what kind of day I’ve had, my canine companion’s butt wiggling excitedly makes me feel so good.

So can you imagine the feeling a dog must have when their favorite person in the entire universe is finally home after many months or even years spent serving their country?

It’s not surprising that their canine companions are so excited once they finally set eyes on their special someone. Many of our pups are quick to welcome us back when we simply walk between the rooms in our house, never mind when we actually leave for an extended period of time.

Some soldiers can empathize with these pups who are left waiting at home because, occasionally, service members are forced to leave their beloved best friends behind.

Sometimes, especially if it’s time for them to retire, service members have to head home to civilian life. But the stray dogs they’ve bonded with, or the working dogs they’ve handled, must remain behind.

Military dog handlers don’t always know whether or not they will see their working dogs again. It’s not as simple as someone may think to bring these brave hero dogs home. So when it does work out, their reunions are worth witnessing.

See a Soldier Finally Reunite With A Stray Pup He Rescued In Iraq.

Our dogs are so bonded with us that even their health can suffer if we are gone for too long. That was what happened when it came time for a military dog handler to end his contract and head back home. His patrol pal, a German Shepherd named Popeye, wasn’t quite finished with his enlistment. After his handler retired, Popeye experienced such severe separation anxiety that he could no longer perform his duties. Now, the two have reunited and plan to live out their retirements together in Las Vegas.

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You’ll Need Tissues While You Watch Their Emotional Reunion

Popeye and his handler had help from an incredible organization called American Humane. Many organizations, or even dog lovers with the means, feel strongly about helping veterans reunite with their canine companions. Since the hoops to jump through to orchestrate a reunion can be so difficult or even impossible to navigate alone, having help can be imperative to making it happen.

Can You Believe There’s A Flight Attendant Who Helps Reunite Veterans With Their Retired Service Dogs?

Below, this “best of” video compilation of soldiers coming home to their furry best friends will have you feeling all the feels. The individual moments may be short, but their overwhelming emotions are palpable through the screen.

So sit down, grab a box of tissues, and get ready to smile your face off while you watch the heartwarming sight of soldiers reuniting with their beloved best friends.

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