Family Threw Their Dog Out As They Do Not Like His Looks!

His family threw him at the door of the High-Kill shelter, but fate had other plans for him!

This story is about an 8 week old pit bull who is committed to the High-Kill shelter thanks to his looks.

But Cause 4 Paws made bound to give him a second chance.

Nicole Horabik, a lifeguard from Cause 4 Paws in North Carolina, decided to intervene after seeing an ad online about his adoption.

She directly visited a dog born with a blind left eye and a half-shaped right ear and took it home.

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Nicole called the dog Captain Morgan and posted his story on Facebook to help people understand how to treat dogs. The dog’s health was almost clean despite his herniated belly and underbite.

The adorable dog was ready to become friends with Nikola’s other dogs with disabilities. Fortunately, Captain Morgan has finally found a home forever. We are happy for you Captain Morgan!

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