Dog Sits By The Door, Waiting For Her Dad To Return From The Hospital

This is a story of a loyal dog that got heartbroken because of her sick dad. This emotional moment makes us a reminder that how loyal are these creatures.

Katie Snyder owns Leia since this sweet German shepherd was only a puppy. Like other dogs, Leia adores spending her time with her grandparents. When her mom has taken her to her parents’ place Leia was so excited. It was supposed to be a temporary stay but Leia and her grandfather had other plans.

Leia also loves to get spoiled by her grandparents. Maybe that is why she has a bond with them in such a beautiful way.
Katie says that Leia is not a typical cuddly dog. Because she is very independent. She loves all of her humans in her way.
But they didn’t have any idea about the relationship between Leia and granddad until he was forced to stay at the hospital. Leia was unable to join her granddad who was in the hospital overnights.

They were out, taking dinner when Katie’s dad felt ill. Later that night he was taken to the hospital and his wife had to return home. Everyone was concerned about the man’s medical situation and Leia was the most devastated one. She noticed that only her granny got back home. She went in front of the door, waiting there with her saddest face. Katie’s mother snapped a few pictures and sent them to her daughter.

Katie was burst into tears when she sees them. That was the day they got to know how much Leia truly loved her dad.

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Thankfully, Katie’s dad got back home the day after. Leia could not hold back her excitement when she has seen him return. Katie planned to leave Leia at her parent’s place for only a couple of months. But finally, she decided to make the stay permanent. Katie proudly says that Leia is the true definition of a loyal dog!

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