Dog shedding a lot of fur: What to do? How to treat?

You notice your dog shedding a lot of hair and you already feel despair: what is going on? This is normal? What to do?

Calm! Today we are going to explain why dogs shed a lot and how to treat it if it is an abnormal case .

Dog shedding fur, what could it be?

Dogs shed a lot of furs is normal, especially at certain times of the year, such as changes in season, the arrival of summer or weather changes. In general, in summer, dogs have a thinner and shorter coat and, in winter, thicker and voluminous.

In addition, the exchange of older coats for newer and healthier ones throughout life is something that is part of the canine trajectory.

Until then, all is quiet. However, if you start to notice that the hair is not falling out evenly , falling more in some parts of the body than in others or if the fall is different from the usual, you need to pay attention.

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Just like in humans, where stressful situations can make anyone “bald”, dogs also suffer from it.

Very sudden changes, mistreatment, being alone for a long time and other reasons can make the dog stressed. Among the many consequences of this, such as making the dog quieter and sadder, is exaggerated hair loss.

hormonal changes

Often what makes the dog shed a lot are hormonal problems. Thyroid diseases (such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism), medication overuse, diabetes, Cushing’s Syndrome (hyperadrenocorticism, which is the abnormal functioning of the pituitary or adrenal glands), among others.

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Females also suffer a lot from excess hair loss, as they have many hormonal changes, especially after estrus or calving.


If you see your dog shedding a lot, know that allergy is one of the main causes. Whether chemical products – such as shampoos – mold, pollen, parasites such as fleas or ticks, some foods, substances present in rations, there are several reasons that can give dogs allergies and result in excessive hair loss.

parasite infections

In addition to allergies, fleas and ticks can also cause other more serious symptoms in dogs, being vectors of other parasites, such as protozoa.

Other arachnids invisible to the naked eye, the mites, can also bring scabies, diseases and infections and cause the hair to fall out in greater quantity.

If you also have a kitten at home, it’s important to be aware of fungi that can cause sporotrichosis, another disease that causes hair loss.

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Dog breeds that shed a lot

Some dogs are born with a natural predisposition to hair loss , so you can see this problem from an early age. Puppy shedding a lot is common, therefore, and especially in some breeds:

  1. Golden retriever
  2. Labrador
  3. German Shepherd
  4. Siberian Husky
  5. Dalmatian
  6. Chow chow
  7. Pekingese
  8. chihuahua
  9. beagle
  10. pug
  11. corgi
  12. collie

As you can see, it’s not just long-haired breeds that have this propensity. If you don’t want to have to deal with a dog shedding a lot of fur around the house, the breeds that suffer the least from canine alopecia (hair loss) are:

  • Maltese
  • Poodle
  • Yorkshire
  • boston terrier
  • Bichon Frize
  • shih tzu
  • basenji
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Dog shedding a lot of fur, what to do?

Dog shedding fur, what to do?

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If you have noticed that something is not normal and the hair is falling out too much, the first step is to consult a veterinarian.

If the fall comes along with other symptoms, such as lack of appetite, itching, skin irritation or if your dog is licking a region of the body too much, consultation is even more indicated.

As we said, dog shedding a lot is a problem that can be linked to other more serious diseases and it needs to be investigated. Given the diagnosis, the professional will make the necessary recommendations.

Dog shedding a lot: home remedy

If you have the problem of a dog shedding excess hair, you can already see that it is likely that this is linked to some parallel disease.

Therefore, a proper remedy for hair loss is not indicated. It is possible, however, to try to prevent this from happening. To prevent, it is important that your pet is healthy, that is:

  • Feeding well , with food suitable for its breed and size. It is very important to keep all the nutrients he needs.
  • Taking walks and exercising regularly.
  • Bathing twice a month and always having the hair brushed and dry.
  • Doing periodic grooming (when recommended, as this depends on the breed).
  • Sunbathing everyday.

The space where he lives must always be clean, to avoid the proliferation of parasites, among other care.

Some nutrients can strengthen the hair and, together with your veterinarian, you can include in the animal’s diet, such as omega 3 or the antioxidants present in grape seed extract.

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Always have a veterinary follow-up

Now you know what to do with the dog shedding a lot of fur. To help monitor your dog’s health, a good tip is to have an animal health plan.

And something similar to what we know for people: with a monthly fee that fits your budget, you have access to an accredited network that gives you 24-hour coverage for any eventuality.

Depending on your plan, your dog can consult with the vet whenever they need to, get their vaccines up to date, undergo treatments and even surgical procedures.

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