Over a decade Daisy has been bringing happiness to her owner an her family. It was time to celebrate her 15th birthday. Daisy’s owners decided to bring an extra-large smile to her on her special day.

Tracy Nguyen, Daisy’s owner wanted to throw her a big quinceanera. She needed to celebrate her amazing life and as a nod to her roots.

They spread no expenses to make sure, Daisy’s big day was one to remember.

And it most certainly was. All of the members of the family gathered to surprise their little girl. They decorated the house so well for the occasion. It was their chance to let her know how much they love their companion. It seems she felt their love, in her eyes!

The main part of the party was a pretty cake that had Daisy’s face on it. It was so cool and she loved it so much. When they brought the cake for the moment her eyes welled up with tears and she was so happy!

She is a senior dog, but she still enjoys her life. She had plans for every minute of her life. She definitely had a blast on her big day! The party was filled with love and care from the family members who loved her. Her family wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nguyen says that Daisy is the heart of their family! They are so grateful to have such an amazing, funny, and loving companion in their lives for so many years. They love her with all of their hearts!

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