Couple Takes In Dogs Nearing The End Of Their Lives & Shows Them Unconditional Love

The Allens run a hospice for elderly dogs out of their home. They pull sick and old dogs from shelters and give them the love and care that they’d only dreamed of having in their final days.

Michele and Jeff Allen are a couple with hearts of gold who spend their time doing something amazing for dogs who are nearing the end of their lives.

Their house, which is on six acres in Southampton, New Jersey, is home to dozens of dogs who need a place to live out their final days in peace.

At the Allens’ house, these dogs are allowed on all of the furniture, including their own toddler beds, and pretty much have no rules. They are cuddled by kind volunteers and get to play outside near a pond. They get home-cooked dog meals every day and have regular vet visits.

Coming from shelters, these dogs have had rough pasts, but now they get to relax without a worry in the world.

The Allens eventually started a nonprofit called Monkey’s House, which is a hospice for elderly dogs.

They pull sick animals from shelters and give them the love and care that they’d only dreamt of having in the last days.

If it weren’t for the Allens, these dogs would die in the shelters without knowing what it’s like to be a real dog, living in a cozy home with loving humans.

They named the nonprofit Monkey’s House after Monkey, a tiny shelter dog with heart problems who they had once fostered. When he passed away, it inspired the Allens to create this organization.

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The dogs at Monkey’s House are sick with anything from heart conditions to diabetes to cancer. Of course treating these conditions can cost a pretty penny, but the foundation is completely donation-based and gets help from outsiders, including a dog food company who donates over 60 pounds of food each week. They also have over 50 kind-hearted volunteers who help them take care of the dogs every day.

Because of their big hearts, these dogs get to sit back, relax, and just enjoy life – as every dog should!

Learn more about this amazing nonprofit in the video below:

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