Best Cities for Walking Your Dog Ranked in New Study

Which City in the United States Is Best For Walking Your Dog Study Ranks Top Places To Take Your Pooch For A Stroll

Which City in the United States Is Best For Walking Your Dog? Study Ranks Top Places To Take Your Pooch For A Stroll

‘Come on baby girl.’ Firefighters rescue dog from icy Colorado pond. A dog named Daisy was rescued by firefighters from an icy pond in Douglas County, Colorado, on March 2.

There’s nothing our furry pets love more than a treat, toy and a long walk, but which cities have the best spaces for taking your dog on a stroll?

A recent study by LawnStarter ranked the top 174 large cities based on walkability, environment, services and safety.

Walkability was judged based on the number of errands that could be done without the need of a car, and environment was based on the proximity of dog-friendly parks. The services category measured the availability of local dog-walking services, and safety analyzed the crime statistics and pedestrian fatalities.

Some cities scored high in walkability but poorly in safety and so on. While Orlando, Florida, had the most dog walkers, they also had the most pedestrian fatalities. New York ranked fifth for walkability but 168th for its pricey services.

Dog reunited with owner: A dog went missing in 2010 and was declared dead. She was just reunited with her owner.

Portland, Oregon, had the most dog-friendly parks, and the study highlighted San Francisco,  Las Vegas and Los Angeles among the best cities for dog walking.

The study said dog owners would feel safest in the following cities: Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Port St. Lucie, Florida; and Frisco, Texas,

But where did your city rank?

Here are the top ten cities for best dog walking:

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1. Portland, Ore.

2. San Francisco

3. Oakland, Calif.

4. Las Vegas

5. Boise, Idaho

6. Los Angeles

7. New York

8. Washington

9. Colorado Springs, Colo.

10. Jersey City, N.J.

These are the cities that ranked lowest:

165. Tulsa, Okla.

166. Laredo, Texas

167. Fayetteville, N.C.

168. Macon, Ga.

169. Montgomery, Ala.

170. Memphis, Tenn.

171. Garland, Texas

172. Port St. Lucie, Fla.

173. Wichita, Kan.

174. Jackson, Miss.

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