Alien Scenes: Sky Blue Dogs Filmed In Russia!

For now, they are under observation to find out exactly what happened and whether their health is endangered!

Locals noticed them around an abandoned chemical plant called Dzerzhinskoye Orgsteklo.

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Having bright blue fur, the dogs were photographed as they wandered down the road near the factory. So far, about five dogs with blue fur have been spotted.

Authorities suspect that the change in the color of the animals’ fur was due to chemical waste in the former factory, which apparently remained in some accessible location, so the dogs came to it.

Namely, the dogs are completely blue. That there is no confusion, these are not photos that have been passed through a filter.

It is a pack of dogs that, after being photographed, was taken for observation to see what exactly it was about. Many immediately linked that blue color to the chemicals the factory, which closed six years ago, used in production.

But the former bankruptcy trustee of the factory said that could not be true…

He first claimed that the pictures were not real, but processed and that it was someone’s joke.

He later changed the story and said it was possible that the dogs found some copper sulfate, a type of chemical that can cause some kind of inflammation.

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It is possible that they found the remains of chemicals and rolled into them. There is a possibility that it is copper sulfate – said government officials, although the exact causes are still being investigated. It is unclear how dogs can roll so much that they are completely covered in blue!

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If it really is copper sulfate that someone left in the factory, it is quite certain that they will be held accountable for it!

It is not known what will happen to the dogs and whether their health has been impaired, but animal lovers around the world hope that they have just rolled in and that the sulphate will be washed away, and they will be fine.

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