A Gem Of A Dog Finds A Great Home

After Peter and Kumiko Smith adopted Ruby, she has been able to truly sparkle in her new environment

At 9 years old, Meryl, first featured in Adopt Me! in March, had spent most of her life in the basement of a veterinarian’s office where she was used as a blood donor.

We’re happy to say she has found a new home where she can feel safe and loved.

Now rechristened as Ruby, the dog has been adopted by Peter and Kumiko Smith of Tokyo. The Smiths say they “felt a strong connection” with Ruby upon meeting her and decided to adopt.

“She met all our wishes,” Kumiko says. “We were looking for a mature dog and wanted to give such a dog a happy second life. We also wanted a dog that is a good walker, because we too like going for walks.”

At first, Kumiko continues, “Ruby missed her foster mom for a few days, but she gradually became more comfortable with us. We work from home full-time, so that helped a lot.” And, at their holiday home in Nagano Prefecture, Ruby was able to enjoy running in the garden every day. She was “comfortable and very happy from the start,” Kumiko adds.

The Smiths have changed their lifestyle to accommodate Ruby. She has her walks every morning and evening, and sleeps in their bedroom. “We have also gotten used to her walking around at night,” Kumiko says, “and to her snoring!”

And, a new vacuum cleaner helps deal with hair on the floor. Ruby has it all — the priceless gift of freedom, a home of her own and a jewel of a family.

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