A 7-month-old baby dragged by a pit bull by her diaper, was found by her mom after house goes up in flames

A big concern for many people is having a dog around the house when there is a baby. This situation becomes a really concern when it comes to dog breeds, known for their ‘aggressivity’

This category of ‘aggressive’ dogs is especially known for pit bull dogs, because they are often considered unpredictable, and also dangerous.

But, this case is different, a mom is thankful to her pit bull pet for saving her daughter’s life and hers.

This is the mother. Latana Chai, from California who experienced this tragedy. All of this happened while she was at home with her baby girl Masailah.

It was the barking of Sasha, on June 3 at midnight that wakened up the mother. The dog was at the backyard door barking so loudly.

While the barkings were so intense, she felt freaky alarmed and knew that something was wrong. She knew this wasn’t so likely to happen from their beloved dog.

Mom Latana tells that her baby and their pet dog Sasha were born a few days apart each other, and since those days they have been sharing everything together like the bed and even a bath.

That Saturday midnight Satasha was behaving so strangely and Latana noticed this very well. So she got up to see the dog and why she was barking so much.

Found the pit bull in the baby’s bedroom

When she opened the door she was terrified by what she saw. At their neighboing house a flame had started. She could see black smoke, and that fire was so quickly spreading at Latana’s house.

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When she ran upstairs to her baby Masailah, she already found there Satasha. She saw there how their family pit bull dragged her baby out of danger by biting into her diaper.

The family values the early warning barkings of Sasha, because those barkings kept them safe.

Afterward, the mother could then take everyone safely outside. But, if it wasn’t for Sasha’s barking, this family could have been in danger and caught in flames.

Find out more about the hero dog and how he saved the baby, all of these in the video below:

Many people believe that pit bulls are very aggressive by nature and that they are only fighting dogs. Unfortunately, they do not know the truth.

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