There are several types of haircuts that are ideal for cocker spaniels. If you have this breed of dog and in your next beauty session you want to give it a new look and accentuate its characteristic features, such as its ears, keep reading this article from abcdogs, where we will show you what are the 3 haircuts. hair for a cocker spaniel .

1. The cut dog

This haircut is the simplest of all and the one that requires the least maintenance. There are parents who don’t have the time and availability to keep their Cocker Spaniel’s mane long, so they decide to keep it short.

All hair is cut to the same length, maximum about 4 cm . long, but also not to be too uniform, you can play around with cutting some strands in the front a little longer than in the back to leave a little bit of the feel of the typical cocker spaniel cut.

Not only is it the easiest cut to maintain because you won’t have to untangle it all the time, but it’s the coolest in the summer. You will see how your dog will be in a better mood, as he will feel more comfortable and light.

2. The princess cutThis is the most classic cut on the cocker spaniel, but not the most standard because it is the hardest to maintain. Many people adopt a cocker spaniel so they can style them in this glamorous way.

Your pet’s hair will fall to the floor like a gala skirt, which also has a very pompous lining. Your dog will really look like a stuffed animal, and more than hugging him, he will provoke all the admiring glances. The ears will also have their own cotton flaps.

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Although it doesn’t seem like it, this is the most versatile cut of all, because having more hair, the hairdresser or you (if you have a lot of experience) can use your imagination and give it the shape you want, playing with all those long strands. You can dry the fur to make it more delicate or, conversely, you can make it curly, with a wilder 80s style.

3. The catwalk cut

This haircut is the only one inspired by canine morphology contests but has its own historical tradition. American Cocker Spaniels are those with long, lush fur, unlike English Cocker Spaniels, who have shorter, less visible hair. Americans are a breed that dates back to the 19th century and that from the earliest times were the pets and hunting dogs of families of high social classes, so long, rich and shiny hair was synonymous with beauty and elegance .

This haircut, to be perfect, must be done by an expert. The layers of hair are cut very specifically, and the hair falls from the back, which is shorter, to the legs, which is much longer, and falls like a waterfall. One difference it has with the previous one is that, not always, the hair loss in the belly region must be all the way to the ground, which is thicker in terms of the legs.