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Everyone Loves These 26 Of The Very Best Corgis in Halloween Costumes

Corgi Halloween Costumes These Cute Corgis in Halloween Costumes Are Off the Charts

On a Scale of One to “OMG, This Is the Best,” These Corgis in Halloween Costumes Are Off the Charts. As if Corgis weren’t already cute enough dogs, these Corgis dressed up for Halloween make us wish every day were Oct. 31. From hot dogs and dinosaurs to Nintendo’s Mario and Luigi, all of these Corgis are […]

Stray Siberian Husky Suffers From Mange, Transforms With A Little Dose Of Love !

The Siberian Husky was all covered in scabies, sick and hungry for food, she was found wandering the streets of Sacramento. A set of rescuers from the Front Street animal shelter took her away and decided to offer her all the care she needed, expecting someone who would really like to adopt a husky. Workers […]

After Her Dog Has Been Discriminated For His Appearance, Woman Shows His Beauty And Viralizes

Unfortunately labeling theory is not only applicable on people but animals also. Labeling theory holds that deviance is not inherent in act, but instead focuses on the tendecy of majorities to negatively label minorities or those seen as deviant from “standart norms/looks”. Alan the lovely one year cross between saluki and boxer was born with […]

Senior Pregnant Dog Dropped Off At Shelter Lost The 21 Puppies She Carried !

An elderly pregnant Labrador retriever who arrived unresponsive within the back of a pickup on Saturday to the Boone Area Humane Society in Iowa is slowly making progress towards her recovery. Unfortunately, all 21 puppies she carried died – the last surviving puppy lost the fight on Monday. According to the Boone Area Humane Society, […]

Puppies Found Cover With Blood And Injured Mother Who Couldn’t Urinate For Long Time !

Unfortunately, the dog mom couldn’t survive, but at least she saw her puppies in safe hands… The mother and her 4 cubs were found by the lady on Christmas 2019. The lady tried to catch the dog mom and her babies who were all covered in blood but failed because mom was completely scared! The […]